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River cruise on Ljubljanica river:


If you would like to see Ljubljana from the Ljubljanica River, we offer a 45-minute round trip on the river.

Our boat Mala Zala begins its circular route on the Gallus embankment, takes you to Špica and then back to the center of Ljubljana. The navigation takes place under all the important bridges in Ljubljana, so you can see the prulski bridge, the hradeckega bridge, the šentjakobski bridge, the famous šušterski or čevljarski bridge, the ribjo brv , the splendid tromostovje, the mesarski and the zmajski bridge. At the Žitnem Bridge, we will turn back and complete the roundabout again on Gallus embankment with a view of the many sights of the old town.

Good price: 10 € na osebo
Children up to 10. years free

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