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The Ljubljanica River is a peaceful river, which lazily twists across the Ljubljana Marshes, where we can truly relax in the silence and view of the wilderness we have right next to our capital.

And that is why we have also made it possible for you to rent canoes. After a hard day’s work, with a little basic knowledge of rowing, you can enjoy a recreational vacation, alone or in company. You can explore the hidden corners of the river, its tributaries, flora and fauna. Rowing will give you a good time to relax and enjoy the fresh air. If you would like to spend a whole day on the river with canoes in the company of friends, we can also arrange transportation to Podpeč. There you will start an unforgettable adventure of almost 10 km long descent to Ljubljana. We can also arrange an interim stop at our picnic area by the river where you will have a drink.

Call us for more information.

We have ten canoes with all the necessary equipment. You can rent them for an hour or more.


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More than a thousand years ago, canoes were developed by indigenous peoples who inhabited North America.

There are two explanations for the origin of the word canoe. The first according to Kenu, which is supposed to mean a boat carved from the trunk of one tree.

And second, that the word ‘canoa’ was used by the Arawaks tribe traveling between the Caribbean islands. Christopher Columbus is expected to bring the word to Europe.

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